Scottish Highland Ponies
Raised in the Canadian Cariboo Mountains
These ponies are bred in northern British Columbia, Canada for shipment anywere on the continent

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What We Do

Circle H Highland Ponies

We breed the finest Highland Ponies in North America. Our breeding stock is originally from the Highlands of Scotland, with full pedigrees.

Ann Armann is the owner of Circle H Ranch and takes a keen interest in the care and raising of these fine animals. This is especially true because the six brood mares came originally from her family farm near Inverness, Scotland, and are continuing the Coulmore line of ponies here in North America.

The pedigrees and breeding practises of our farm emphasize a wide gene pool and ensure the ponies are of the best possible parentage.

Our ponies live on a 630 acre ranch, on land that is maintained and farmed without pesticides or chemicals. For pictures of our animals for sale please click on ponies.